R134a Replacement

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*Free Shipping if you order 2 or more 30lb or 50lb cylinders (doesn’t include hazmat fee)

*$20 additional shipping fee for Hazardous Materials

*For automotive and other applications.  Works for standard small A/C units, but also great for SUV’s and systems with dual air.

**Our COLDEST refrigerant for your automotive A/C needs.

Coolant Express R134a Replacement  Refrigerant is made of only the Most Pure, Quality, Refined ingredients available today.

Because Coolant Express R134a Replacement  Refrigerant is so efficient, you will use up to 60% less! Please see equivalencies below.

The 30 lb cylinder = 12 lbs of Coolant Express Refrigerant and is EQUIVALENT to 32 lbs of 134a

The 50 lb cylinder = 20 lbs of Coolant Express Refrigerant and is EQUIVALENT to 52 lbs of 134a

Each ounce of Coolant Express R134a Replacement  Refrigerant, is equivalent to 2.6 ounces of R134a and 3 ounces of R12. 


If you live in a HOT climate, we recommend this product because it does get colder than our standard refrigerant.

Coolant Express R134a Replacement Refrigerant is lighter and more efficient than HFC and CFC products so you use less. See the equivalencies below:


6 ounce can of Coolant Express R134a Replacement =

6 ounces Coolant Express R134a Replacement Refrigerant

16 ounces HFC134a
18 ounces R12 Substitutes
30 lb Cylinder =

12 lbs Coolant Express R134a Replacement Refrigerant
32 lbs R134a
36 lbs R12 Substitutes
50 lb Cylinder =

20 lbs of Coolant Express R134a Replacement Refrigerant
54 lbs of R134a
60 lbs of R12 Substitutes

**note: cylinder may vary in color and/or style from the cylinder pictured here.